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Huens provide the environmental cleanup system that purifies the polluted water and air to return it to nature.
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We offer the services of product designing, planning, constructing, and selling an environmental purification system which use our core patented processing, "ozone oxidation method using swirling jet ", with a concept of the high-quality, low-cost and a longer operation life.
One of our principles is to protect your environmental facilities permanently as "resources for grobal environment conservation" by our consistent maintenance system.
There are the seeds of new technology in the system maintenance on the job.
We try to feedback the idea we found in a field work to the research with the university for product improvement and development.
Huens Co., Ltd

What is the business concept of Huens?
What is the "ozone oxidation method using swirling jet"?
Product information
Ozone wastewater treatment systems
Ozone wastewater treatment systems
Swirling jet and ozone deodorizing device
Swirling jet and ozone deodorizing systems
New Releases
Opened the English site.
Institute for Swirling Jet System will hold the 4th technical seminar
We will exhibit at "FOOMA JAPAN 2010" in Tokyo
We will exhibit at "The 7th Japan International Seafood and Technology Expo, Osaka"
We patented dispersing device
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Oil-containing wastewater treatment systems
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